Our focus is on the individual and organization. We have coaches that specialize in a variety of areas. We want you to succeed by focusing on a specific objective to deliver exceptional opportunities for the coaching sessions.

Career Coaching

Career Coach between two professionals

Starting a career as a professional to mid-level job requires advice, guidance, and mentorship in going through challenges in the workplace. These can be managing upward, understanding the politics, or navigating a specific situation. We have vast experience working across all these verticals and can offer a session plan to ensure you are achieving a path forward to meet your goals. 

Life Coach

Life Coaching is putitng a personal plan for your goals.

We can discuss how to plan, design, and innovate a personal life plan that will listen and work with you as an equal partner to achieve your goals—providing personal exploration in your chosen career to design your path to success. We have solutions that can determine where your expertise exists and how to ensure you have the qualifications necessary to achieve your career goals. In addition, no career is complete without family and life balance.   We will ensure that any plan considers these to give you the most well-rounded experience.  

Innovation Coach

Innovation Coaching is about creation.

We provide the spark necessary for you to be more creative. Plan, design, and innovate forward-thinking processes that will re-envision your department or organization. We offer team building, entrepreneurial development, and STEM training to make employees more engaged. In addition, we will provide more hands-on creative pursuits that allow the expansion of the problem-solving skills necessary to provide a more overall strategic approach to change.

Management Coach

Management Coaching is how to lead, build and succeed.

Provide the expertise to build a successful team. Collaborate, Listen and learn underdeveloped policies to assist in navigating the skills to develop your management potential. Politics comes into play with management because navigating the internal and external entries is a pre-cursor to any understanding of how different executives need to navigate their departments’ needs to further the company’s vision.    We assist in teaching, educating, and offering advice to structure an efficient plan to cut through politics and work with executives to execute shared ideas where all parts of the organization can be successful, which will make the company more profitable.

Business Coach

Business Coaching is about working at a desk with a laptop.

We have extensive experience with entrepreneurs, marketing opportunities, designing the business cases for partnerships, building a team and strategic visions.

By setting a clear mission and vision. We ensure that missed opportunities don’t occur. Since we have background in all aspects of businesses we are able to understand any legal hurdles, scale your goals and assist with any expansion.

With any growth employees are vital, we have a complete training ideas that would take your employees to star performers.    

Technology Coach

Technology Coaching is about collobrating to implement a technology system.
  • Provide consulting to companies, professionals to assist with determining technological needs to solve problems such as email, chat, ERP and various system implementations.  Design frameworks for company wide and global technology software systems.   Plan, design and implement total design solutions that would ensure companies are operating in a efficient manner.   
    • We have experience working with all aspects of systems from client software, ERP solutions, custom solutions, out of the box software packaged, financial systems, infrastructure implementations, Learning Management systems and innovative solutions that ensure complexity in the marketplace.